The ManCave Movie & TV Grading System

The ManCave Grading System is practical, easy-to-follow, and forces us to take a definitive stance, rather than “playing it safe.”

Grades are not based on solely the artistic value of a film, or its blockbuster power; instead, it will be based completely on what level of our time and/or money we felt it was worth seeing (for example, a film may actually be well scripted, acted, and produced, but we still walked out bored, resulting in a         "D" grade).  

You’ll notice that there are no “halfway” grades (i.e., “C+”); we will force ourselves to make the hard recommendation of whether something is or is not worth your time, although, on some occasions, we may note in our explanation that it is a borderline recommendation. 


A.  Theater: Even if this film is now out of theaters, it is good enough that it would have been worth paying theater prices and spending the time to go see it in the theaters if it was just released today.  Or worth owning the movie.  This rating requires at least some explanation on our part.

B.  Rental: This film would not be good enough to inspire a trip to the theater, and/or braving lines, annoying people, and steeper prices for tickets and concessions, but it is worth the money and small effort to watch it in your home.

C.  Free-View: Not worth spending money on, but the time we spent watching it was worth it.

D.  Don’t Bother: Not a completely terrible experience, but if  we had to make the choice as to whether to spend the time to watch it again, even for free, we would have spent that time elsewhere.

F.  Cruel & Unusual Punishment: This movie is so terrible we are actually generally angry at the people that made it.  It is offensive in some form, either because of its message, its content, or the fact that someone actually made this trash and suckered us into wasting precious moments of our life watching it.  As with “A” films, we will not issue this rating without an explanation.

For Television

A.  Watch it Live: We recommend you change your plans to see this show're going to want to talk about it at work tomorrow.  Or worth owning the entire series on video.  This rating requires at least some explanation on our part.

B.  On-Demand: This show is definitely good enough to watch on-demand, TiVo, DVR, etc., when you get chance.  Also, worth renting and watching the entire series.

C.  Time Filler: Watch if you're bored, and/or if others in the room, like your girl/guy are insisting on watching.  We did not feel compelled to watch the entire series, and may actually have walked in and out of the room mid-show without caring too much about what we missed.  While we wouldn't specifically set aside time to watch , we did not feel our time was wasted, either.

D.  White Noise: Not a completely terrible experience, but this show is not worth the time and effort that could be spent elsewhere (such as your third SportsCenter of the day, even though NOTHING IS DIFFERENT).  At best, this show is background noise for whatever else you're really paying attention to.

 F.  Cruel & Unusual Punishment:   Even if this was the only show on, it wouldn't be worth the mileage on your TV, the electricity used to have it on, or the stomach pains that are motivating you to google the creator's home address for some good old fashioned stalking.  As with “A” shows, we will not issue this rating without an explanation.