Host Introductions

The best way to get to know us is to listen to our Podcast...but here's a snapshot of each of our hosts:

Serious Jest:
"A great cocksmith, master pintsman, and a stunningly-handsome prince of light in these dark Dark Ages."
Made in Peru; forged in America; underground rapper; top-level attorney; once & always a Marine; Nupe 4 Life; and father of 2 beautiful little girls. My favorite movie is the Matrix (the original only, please). My favorite TV show ever is Game of Thrones. My favorite genres are thrillers and comedy. I hate movies that "play with the net down." I love to play sports and train in martial arts, but I don't watch football or MMA as much anymore largely due to the danger to the brains of those athletes. If you can identify with any of the above, you might like my recommendations.

The "Experienced One"--I'm comedy and sarcasm all wrapped up into one amazing show host. An Italian from New Jersey with 2 beautiful daughters, but don't ever mention "Jersey Shore" to me...ever. My favorite movies include the Indiana Jones quadrilogy, Back to the Future trilogy, Saving Private Ryan, and Equilibrium. My favorite genres are Action/Adventure & Sci-Fi. I hate Rom-Coms and Chick Flicks. I love sports, especially my New York effin' Yankees, and "Geek Culture" (i.e. video games, superheroes, etc). I'm even willing to give movies based on video games a chance, and they are always horrendous. If you can identify with any of the above, or you're an ass, then you might like my recommendations.  Want to hear the show that started it all?  Check me out on BarCode Podcast (WARNING: contains lots of nerdy video-game talk).


"A cool nerd, with social skills"--I’ve been known to scream at the TV while watching either a NY Knicks, NY Jets or a University of Kentucky Wildcats game.  On any given day, you may find me at Comic Con, taking pictures with Storm Troopers; in the backseat of my car with two girls that I just met in a club; or on stage giving the keynote address for an 8th grade graduation in Newark.  

My favorite movie is “Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope”.  The character in “Star Wars”, Chewbacca, and my habit for biting women on the a$$ in clubs, is how I got my name “Chewie.”  My favorite movie genres are Horror, Sci–Fi, Political Thrillers, Murder Suspense, Rom-Coms, and Inspirational Sports Movies.  I am also the only one in the ManCave who knows ANYTHING about good movies.